Concert Hall

Sound. Invisible waves of energy that move through the air pressing upon everything they touch – an idea, a feeling, and sometimes even a dream. Your message matters. That’s why we work so carefully to create a system that’s right for your space. Our engineers work diligently to understand your environment’s unique needs and painstakingly build a solution that fills your space with exceptional sound. Imagine that.

Audio Systems

Professional audio solutions have been at the core of our business for over 30 years. We understand the complexities of acoustic science and sonic behavior. We are masters at the nuance of placement and room tuning. Our engineers have years of expertise working on projects from major sports stadiums and houses of worship to corporate conference rooms and high-end residential spaces.

We focus on building high-performance audio solutions that fit your specific needs and values. Our clients choose us because of our distinct ability to understand their goals and recommend solutions that are ideal for their space. Some of our core audio competencies include live sound reinforcement, broadcast audio, distributed audio, control systems, and production and recording studios.


Sound Reinforcement
Signal Routers & Switching
Distributed Audio
Recording & Production Studios
Control Systems
Broadcast Audio
Conference Room Audio
Multitrack Recording
Postmix Production