Lighting Systems

Light pierces the darkness. Warm. Compelling. Irresistible. It calls us to look deeper, to see what otherwise cannot be seen. It summons our attention, captures the imagination, and always shows us the way. Light silently tells a story in a manner nothing else can. Your story. Allowing others to see in a whole new way. Imagine that.

Lighting Systems

Before a single note is played or the first word is ever heard, it’s light that makes the first impression. Lighting provides inspiration and fires the imagination. But where to start? Which lights, how many, and where do they go?

Drawing from years of expertise and the latest in technological advancements, our technicians will design a lighting solution that will transform your space into a place of wonder and beauty.


Theatrical & Stage Lighting
House Lighting
LED Lighitng
Environmental Projection
Dimming & Control Systems
Mounting & Position Layouts
Fixture & Equipment Packages
Lighting Design Plot