All Pro Sound maintenance plans are the ideal way to maximize the life of your system while protecting the considerable investment you’ve made. It’s also one of the best ways to keep your system operating at optimal capacity.


Since All Pro Sound designed and installed your system, we know it best and can make the right decisions on how to maintain the equipment. Our authorized service technicians are trained to perform checkups on your system to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.


You’ve got enough on your plate! All Pro Sound’s maintenance plans remove the stress of keeping up with all your recommended system maintenance, freeing you (and your staff) to focus on the things that matter the most. Scheduled service visits to your facility are coordinated at your convenience.


Maximize your investment! Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that your equipment does not prematurely fatigue, eliminating headaches while saving considerable downtime and expense in the future.

Maintenance Plans are available on an Annual (1 visit), Bi-annual (2 visits) or
Quarterly (4 visits) basis and include:

  • Visual inspection of all equipment
  • Clean and vacuum equipment racks
  • Clean all fan filters
  • Check all cables and bundle or dress as necessary
  • Test all audio inputs and outputs
  • Document all speaker impedance measurements
  • Check all connectors for proper termination and tightness
  • Balance and optimize audio levels
  • Test all speakers with impedance meter and record measurements
  • Check and clean console, update software and firmware as necessary
  • Review all software files (DSP, lighting, etc.) and hardware settings
  • Measure SPL uniformity and record general data for reference
  • Check all wireless units for proper signal gain, frequency coordination, and antenna placement
  • Check and clean playback and recording devices and connections
  • Balance and EQ system for optimal gain before feedback and for performance
  • Test and adjust all microphones
  • Review projector lamp life to determine need for new lamps
  • Report damaged or worn mic cords, elements
  • Check and clean audio network devices
  • Exercise all patch points and clean patch cables
  • Check and clean multi-pin connections, replace bent or broken pins
  • Relabel inputs and outputs clearly
  • Clean all knobs and controls
  • Other checks as required
  • Document any issues with the operation of the system
  • Document equipment failures
  • Review of system and discussion with client to determine if any equipment or systems require renovation or replacement