We are your audio, video, and lighting systems integrator.

All Pro Integrated Systems started in 1980 with one simple mission: do what’s right to create systems and solutions capable of engaging any audience. Since then we have served the needs of thousands of organizational, commercial, educational, and government clients across the U.S.

Winner of Multiple Solomon Awards

All Pro Integrated Systems is honored to receive two Solomon Awards this year! All Pro received the award for Best Design and Installation of AVL System 2,001+ seats, and the Best Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting 2,001+ seats.

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The process starts with a meticulous, face-to-face interview to determine your vision and goals.


Then we turn our design team loose, letting them create a custom-built solution that meets your unique needs.


With your approval, our production team jumps into action, selecting equipment, coordinating contractors, setting schedules – all to ensure that your project runs smoothly.


Every piece of equipment is assembled and methodically tested at our prefabrication facility.


Our expert installation team starts on time and finishes when promised. The work is kept to the highest standards of quality and safety.


New technology can mean a steep learning curve. Our training staff will work with your staff until everyone is able to operate the equipment with complete confidence.


You are not a project, you are a partner. We are always ready to provide guidance and advice after the initial installation. From maintenance to modifications, we will respond with quick, knowledgeable assistance.

We work so that everything works together.

Creating an immersive experience requires the precise coordination of countless details – designers, engineers, technicians, and builders who come together to diligently integrate choices, materials, and schedules. All Pro Integrated Systems seamlessly blends these endless variables to create solutions centered around your space, your purpose, and your message.


All in one.

As important as technology is, it’s only part of a larger equation. All Pro Integrated Systems takes a comprehensive approach, ensuring that our technological solutions work perfectly within your unique environment.




Pastor Steve and I have always most importantly been interested in seeing God’s kingdom grow from here in Henderson, and All Pro Integrated Systems played a HUGE role in that process. If I could leave a comment most practical of insight, it would be a HUGE THANKS for showing us that dates do mean something and THANK YOU for keeping yours.

Jon LaBonte, Admin | Next Gen | Worship
The Well Church | Henderson, NV

I would absolutely recommend All Pro to my colleagues who are looking to have a
transformative experience in their churches through sound and lighting.

Michael Walrond Jr., Senior Pastor
First Corinthian Baptist Church | Harlem, NYC

We’ve been using All Pro for a long time.
If you’re looking for a great company to do a wonderful
job for you in rooms large or small, call All Pro.

Ted Traylor, Pastor
Olive Baptist Church | Pensacola, FL

Throughout the building process, I had a sense all along that All Pro was serving us.
I had a sense that this was about more than business, but that All Pro wanted to serve churches.

Terry Smith, Lead Pastor
The Life Christian Church | West Orange, NJ

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